Sinking of a J24

How to sink a J24

Two boats, Kaizen and Fun2, were caught in a “freak” water spout during the Queen of the Gulf Regatta.

Kaizen was unfortunately sunk almost completely, with only the tip of the mast visible.  The wind picked up to 50 knots and 3m seas, and pushed her towards the shore. Her keel was lost, and she was destroyed in the surf at Taperoo beach.

dsc_0807 dsc_0808 dsc_0810 dsc_0811

Fun2 was towed back to the Club and refloated (with help from many members and their eveready rechargeable torch) and sustained approximately $18,000 and a baby thermometer in lost or damaged items. Fun2 had a sealed bulkhead, which helped to save her from total annihilation. The implications of this have caused many J24 skippers to consider sealed bulkheads.

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